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Greenville Foundation Inspection

The foundation, or structural base of your home is what keeps your property level and prevents it from caving in. There are three different types of foundation; slab foundation, crawlspace foundation, and basement foundation. The most common foundation that can be found in South Carolina is crawlspace foundation, which requires the inspector to get into the tight area under the home.

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to get a foundation inspection performed:

Mortgage Lender Requirement

The financial institution takes on a large risk by providing funds so the homeowner can begin paying on a home. If there are structural issues, this would not be a safe investment for the lender, and ultimately a reason to backout or not consider an approval.

Storm Damage

Some areas of the country experience severe flooding and natural disasters that can destroy or damage the foundation of a home. It is recommended that people looking to purchase in these prone areas consider getting a foundation inspection to determine the structural integrity of the property.

If you notice cracks or sloping floors, it is best to get a foundation inspection in Greenville, SC. Working with a professional licensed home inspector can help to avoid any unfortunate situations that could be large financial burdens.

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