Greer Water Testing

Greer Well Water Testing

Testing the condition of the water prior to purchasing a home can help to prevent illness that is attributed to drinking water. Bacteria such a coliform causes intestinal issues such as nausea and diarrhea, as the common E. Colli can be traced in the water. This occurs when either fecal matter or decaying animals may be present within the water source. Having an experienced Greer home inspector perform a water test helps to avoid this issue. We answered some common questions about drinking water:

How Do I Avoid Contaminated Water?

There are a variety of options to avoid contaminated water. Some people drink exclusively bottled water, yet this can be costly and is harmful to the environment if the plastic is not disposed of properly (recycled). An option that is more cost effective and better for the environment is filtering the water via a pitcher or attachment to the tap. You can also have a filter that is part of the home that filters water prior to it reaching the tap.

Why Should I Filter My Water?

Filtering water can improve the taste of the water, and remove things such as chlorine and other artificial chemicals that you would not want to put in your body. Filters are an inexpensive way to increase the quality of your water, and benefit your health. PH controlled water has been shown to improve positive attitudes and energy in those who consume it regularly versus those who do not drink enriched water products.

Can I Test My Own Water?

In short, the answer is yes. There are over-the-counter water testing kits, yet having a professional provide the test can yield more accurate results, and provide a constant to test against different areas of the home. A professional that understands the tests will provide a more accurate reading.

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