Why Do I Need An HVAC System Inspection?

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life. But it can also be a rather stressful and expensive process. Often, homeowners find themselves buried under unexpected expenses after purchasing a new home. How does this end up happening? Home inspectors frequently fail to notice that important systems may need maintenance, repairs, or replacement during the standard preliminary home inspection. That’s why you need an HVAC inspection before you move into your dream home. 


What Is An HVAC Inspection?

A home HVAC inspection is an in depth evaluation of all the working parts of your home’s cooling and heating systems. A certified HVAC company in Greenville, SC inspects the HVAC system to determine the system’s age, evaluates the cleanliness of each component, checks the function and condition of each system component, and inspects the safety mechanisms.


Why Does A Home Buyer Need An HVAC Inspection?

An HVAC inspection is a great way to avoid the surprise expenses and stress from dealing with an old, malfunctioning, or broken HVAC system. This thorough evaluation will be able to determine the efficiency and condition of each part, and whether or not to expect replacement, costly repairs, or high utility bills when you settle in.

A standard home inspection is necessary for discovering any glaring problems before move in day. The inspector will assess the roof, structure and foundation of the home, as well as test to make sure all plumbing, electrical work, and HVAC equipment are functioning. This is a general evaluation that simply tests if the HVAC equipment turns on and off. Although a home inspection is important, the inspector is not an HVAC technician, nor do they possess the HVAC tools required to thoroughly evaluate and understand your Heating and Cooling system.

Your HVAC system is central to your comfort; give it the attention it deserves. Depending on the status of the HVAC unit, you may also be able to negotiate on better terms and potentially save money on the house purchase. So let’s learn what a HVAC specialist evaluates during an HVAC inspection!

Furnace Inspection


To start off, it is important to make sure that your thermostat works properly. The contractor will test the device and inspect any internal wiring in order assess if everything is functioning as it should. During a standard home inspection, the heat or AC may come on, but you will not be able to determine if the thermostat is reaching its set temperature or not.

Furnace Cabinet

Next, the HVAC technician examines the structure and connections of the cabinet. This is important to inspect because it is where the internal furnace components are located.

Furnace Electrical Components

While inside the furnace cabinet, the HVAC professional evaluates all electrical connections and test all safety features, such as the high limit switch. This safety feature turns the furnace off when it is overheating.


How Long Does An HVAC Inspection Take?

You might be wondering how long it takes to complete an HVAC inspection. Essentially, the time depends on the type of heating and cooling equipment, accessibility, overall condition, as well as how in depth the HVAC inspection is. Typically most HVAC inspections can take from 1-3 hours though they could go longer if there are multiple systems involved!

At the end of every HVAC inspection, the HVAC contractor will provide the homeowners with a System Health Report . It contains a thorough account of everything your technician examined and its current status.

The final report should have detailed information about each part’s inspection status along with recommendations on how best maintain/service these components moving forward.

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